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FEA Design & Analysis to ASME Code – Chemical Tubular Reactor

FEA Model of Chemical Reactor Design & Thermal, Stress and Buckling Analysis to ASME Code Section VIII Divisions 1 and 2 We performed the FEA …

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Finite Element Model of Waterbox

FEA Structural Analysis of Waterbox Upgrades

FEA Model of Waterbox Deformation when Subjected to 80 Psi O’Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc. was requested to perform structural analysis of upgrades on waterboxes that …

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis (CFD) of Blowpipe Failure

CFD Analysis – Blast Furnace Blowpipe Failure

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) was used to analyze a blast furnace blowpipe failure.

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FEA Analysis of Vessel - Showing Eigenbuckling Mode Shape 5

FEA Buckling Analysis on an Elevated Temperature Vessel under a Vacuum

Both instantaneous (linear and nonlinear) buckling and creep buckling were investigated

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Forensic Failure Analysis of Damaged Mining Lift Hook

FEA Results Showing Deflections on Lift Hook We performed a forensic failure analysis on a damaged mining lift hook. As a worker was lifting and …

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Failure Analysis of Studs on an Electric Turbine Outer Head Cover

Studs connecting the outer head cover to the stay ring of an electric-generating turbine had failed

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Fatigue Analysis on Threads of Base-Ported Pressure Filter

A client had determined that in very dusty environments where their base-ported pressure filter was used, particles can get in between the threads of the tube and cap.

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Vibration Analysis on ASTM A514 Grade B Steel Industrial Impeller

OCE performed a vibration analysis on an industrial impeller (constructed of ASTM A514 Grade B Steel) to determine its natural frequencies.

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Analysis of Failed Rotary Cement Kiln

Rotary kilns run 24/7 and are stopped only for a few days for essential maintenance. This is important because of heatup and cool down thermal transients.

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Truck 5th Wheel Evaluation and Accident Causation Analysis

O’Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc. was retained to investigate and determine the cause of the separation of a trailer from its tractor. In January of 2014 …

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Failure Analysis of Corroded Irrigation Piping

Evaluation of corrosion on irrigation piping, possibly related to issues with non-conformance to specification

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Fatigue of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Vessels

Fatigue and Fitness for Service evaluations were performed on pressure swing adsorption (PSA) vessels that were in service at a waste facility. These evaluations had …

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