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ASME Section VIII (FEA) Design & Analysis – Vessels Processing Nuclear Waste

  Thermal, fatigue, and creep Analysis using ASME Code We performed ASME Section VIII design & analysis – (using thermal, stress and fatigue) finite element …

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Fatigue Life Analysis of High Cycle Vessels used to Produce Hydrogen

We performed structural and fatigue analysis on vessels used to produce hydrogen. The client was a manufacturer of systems which filter a mixed inlet gas …

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Finite Element Analysis Model of Base Skid

Finite Element Analysis of Vapor Recovery Base Skid

FEA Model of Base Skid   We performed finite element analysis on a Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) base skid to determine structural integrity to ASME …

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Forensic Failure Analysis of Hunting Bow

Forensic Failure Analysis on Hunting Bow

Failed Hunting Bow Forensic failure analysis on a hunting bow incident that resulted in an injury. The draw weight, like most hunting bows, is adjustable, …

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FEA of Feedwater Heater

Feedwater Heater – ASME Section VIII Division 1 (FEA) Analysis

(ANSYS) Finite Element Model of Feedwater Heater FEA of Low Pressure Feedwater Heater to ASME Section VIII Code We performed ASME Section VIII Division 1 …

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Failed Oil / Gas Threaded Joint Casing

Failure occurred on a threaded joint casing at a shallow depth of about 80-100 feet near the drill bit about 30-40 feet from the bottom …

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Cracked NASA Heat Exchanger – Analysis & Redesign

Thermal, Structural and Fatigue Analysis – and Subsequent Redesign of Heat Exchanger   A number of cracks were found around the bolt holes of the …

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FEA Design and Analysis to ASME Code – Chemical Tubular Reactor

FEA Model of Chemical Reactor Design & Thermal, Stress and Buckling Analysis to ASME Section VIII Divisions 1 and 2 We performed the FEA design …

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Degraded Compressor Bearing – Metallurgical / SEM Investigation

Tin-copper alloy bearing surfaces obtained from an air compressor were examined using visual, metallographic and scanning electron microscopy techniques to determine the cause of surface degradation.

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Forensic Investigation – Collapse of the 15th Century Statue of Tullio Lombardo’s Adam

Tullio Lombardo’s Adam is one of the greatest Venetian 15th-century works of art.

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Design/ Application of Inconel 625 Weld Overlay on a Refinery Vessel

A 9 foot diameter, 60 foot long Stripper Vessel was designed and fabricated to be placed in service at a refinery in the Virgin Islands.

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Stress, Vibration and Fatigue (FEA) Analysis on Bellows Design

Analysis Results showing the radial stress (X-Dir)   Stress, vibration and fatigue (FEA) analysis was performed on a bellows design. The 28-convolution bellows was intended …

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