Comparison of Saudi Standard to US, EU and Japanese Standards


We performed a comparison of a Saudi Aramco Engineering plant layout Standard to US, European and Japanese Standards. These comparisons were relative to siting and spacing from a safety perspective. In addition, estimates were performed on the impact of the differences in the standards on the building costs on the gas treatment facility, using US cost as the basis.

The three standards were:
1. Guidelines for Facility Siting and Layout, from the Center for Chemical Process Safety of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. It represents current industry practices and standards for site layout and equipment spacing used by US companies designing petroleum and chemical facilities within and outside the US. It includes, as Aramco’s standard does, tables with spacing figures for specific equipment and facilities.
2. Fire Precautions in the Chemical and Allied Industries, British Standard BS 5908:1990. It is part of the UK Control of Industrial major Accident Hazards Regulation. It provides guidance on plant layout but does not include specific distances.
3. Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, Japanese regulation under Industrial Safety and Health Law. The ordinance mandates the plant operator to provide fire protection by keeping enough distance between hot equipment and buildings or flammable objects.



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