O’Donnell Consulting Engineering Team – Resume Summaries

O'Donnell Consulting Engineers

O’Donnell Consulting Engineering Team – Resume Summaries

O’Donnell Consulting Engineers Provides Design, Analysis and Troubleshooting Services to Codes including AWS, API and ASME. In addition, We Perform Engineering Expert Witness Services – Determining Root Cause Analysis in Civil, Construction and Product Liability Litigation. See our Electronic Brochure. (PDF)

While most problems presented to us are unique and challenging – they likely require solutions involving a team effort of expertise in materials/ metallurgy, welding, stress analysis and finite element analysis.

The Links to Individual Engineers are Resume Summaries. Contact Us to Learn More.

Dr. William O’Donnell, PhD, PE  – As Founder and President of O’Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc., has extensive engineering experience in the analysis of components including fatigue and fracture safety evaluations and failure analyses. He has developed methods for evaluating fatigue, stress corrosion cracking, creep fatigue, creep rupture and safety margins of components, and is an expert in complex failure modes.

Tom O’Donnell, PhD, PE  – Performs thermal, structural, fatigue, creep, vibration and failure evaluations, as well as finite element analyses of numerous structures to ASME and other Codes. He is also experienced in expert witness / forensic engineering investigations. (Power plants / chemical plants / equipment in steel, construction, marine, rail, industrial, transportation +)

John Koltick, PE  – Performs design, construction, startup/commissioning, safety analyses and equipment life evaluations, spanning a wide range of industrial, institutional and utility projects. (Including steel mills, blast furnaces, coke ovens, waste-to-energy facilities, natural gas and coal-fired cogeneration projects)
He also performs forensic investigations on product liability issues, fire/explosions, industrial accidents, +.

Joe TurekMetallurgist, providing material characterizations, research and development, failure analysis and forensic investigations.

Dale Dodds  – Certified Weld Inspector, provides hands on inspection, consulting and supervisory services.

Senior Engineer  –  Performs (ASME) structural design and analysis, heat transfer, failure analysis, seismic analysis, and finite element analysis. (Vessels/ Autoclaves/ Dryers/ +)

Dave Forsyth  – Performs (ASME) structural design and analysis, failure analysis, and finite element analysis. (Furnaces/ Feedwater Heaters/ Pressure Vessels/ +)

Senior Engineer, PE  – Performs heat transfer, thermal, structural finite element analysis as well as failure evaluations. Also experienced in forensic engineering investigations.

Rob Siegwart, PE  – Experience in stress analysis with the finite element method as well as injection molding and machining processes.

Biomechanical Engineer  – Specialized in injury biomechanics, and injury causation.

Senior Civil Engineer, PE  – More than forty years experience performing standard and special structural engineering services to architects, consulting engineers and contractors.

Sr. Weld Engineer 1  – Performs Welding and Quality Assurance/Quality Control.

Sr. Weld Engineer 2  – Provides developing and qualifying welding procedures

Tom Repole, Safety Engineer  – Specialized in all aspects of safety and health.

Bill O’Donnell, BSME, MA  – Sales & Marketing

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