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O'Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc.

We provide design and analysis, troubleshooting and forensic services covering a range of industries. The following is a partial list of the components we have worked on:
Manufacturing/ Industrial Transportation
Pumps Bridges
Machinery Dams
Machine Tools Parking Garages
Furnaces/ Ductwork Stadiums
Precipitators Trusses
Refractories Marine / Barge Equipment
Cranes /Hoists Lift Trucks
Processing Equipment/ Plants Farm Equipment
Welded Structures Wheels/ Wheel Lugs
Hot Isostatic Presses Suspension Systems
Compressors Welded Assemblies
Beams Fifth Wheels
Castings Offshore Structures
Forgings Marine Systems
Mixers Truck Systems
Safety Equipment Automotive Seatbelts
Ductwork Automotive Suspensions
Reheaters Automotive Steering Systems
Hot Water Storage Units Elevators
Mining Equipment Rail Systems
Refinery Equipment Pavement/ Sidewalks
Pneumatic Equipment Concrete
Manufacturing Equipment Paving Equipment
Petroleum Equipment
Construction Equipment Materials
Chemical Equipment Stainless steel
Pollution Control Equipment Alloy Steel
Vacuum Chambers Nickel Alloys
Machine Controls Aluminum
Hydraulic Presses Copper
Box Presses Refractory
Cryogenic Equipment Plastic
Compressors Titanium
Torque Wrenches
Energy/ Power Components Aerospace/ Defense
Pressure Vessels Turbine Blades
Boilers Castings
Heat Exchangers Rocket Thrust Chambers
Control Rod Drive Mechanism Flange Assemblies
Pumps/ Valves Landing Gears
Welded Assemblies Satellite Systems
Compressors Frames/ Assemblies
Piping Systems & Supports Hubble Space Telescope
Steam Generators Aircraft Engines & Controls
Steam Systems and Components
Wind Turbine Components
Solar Equipment
Petro/ Chemical
Reactors Condensors
Ovens Heat Exchangers
Controls Pressure Vessels
Heat Exchangers Bellows
Evaporators Pumps
Process Equipment Valves
Calciners Chemical Reactors
Furnaces Tanks
Separators Pressure Swing Adsorption Vessels
Ovens Urea Reactor Vessels
Electric Equipment & Appliances Steel Assemblies
Environmental Systems Structural Foundations
Agricultural Equipment Tubesheets/Tube Joints
Industrial Equipment Turbomachinery
Power Tools Hydraulic Presses
Bearings Cyclones
HVAC Equipment Electric Motors
Fasteners Machines
Skids Electric Cable
Safety Equipment Brazed Piping
Vibrating Equipment Gears / Gearboxes
Wire Rope/Clamps Piping
Mining Structures Subassemblies
Bolting Welded Assemblies
Heat Pumps Excavation Equipment
Waste Heat Boilers Control Valves
Shipping Containers Tube/ Tube Sheets
Threaded Joints Welding Equipment
Ceramics Bellows
Packaging Equipment Burners
Hydraulic Machinery Roofs
Welded Assemblies Scaffolds
Expansion Joints Sprinklers
Food Processing Equipment Lifts
Refrigeration Systems Liquor Heater
Process Equipment Conveyors
Pressure Equipment Rotary Dryers
Medical Equipment Autoclaves
Irrigation equipment Moving Walks
Refractory High Temperature Equipment
Storage Racks Fire Supression Equipment
Monopoles Safety Equipment
Fall Protection Equipment Electrical Equipment
Guardrails Light Poles
Skate Ramps Moorings
Brake Rotors Filters/ Filtration Systems
Solar array structures Welding machines
Offshore structures Locomotive Equipment
Docks Scaffolding
Insulation Cranes
Machine Guards
Other Facilities Oil/Gas
Coke Oven Batteries Pipelines
Copper Smelter Compressors
Refineries Pumps / Valves
Blast Furnaces Skids
Waste Facilities Retention Tanks
Rolling Mills Separators
Paper Rack Storage
Wastewater Plants
Food Processing Plants
Research Facilities
Chemical Plants
See Portfolio to read descriptions of our various projects. For a short listing of books, databases, and other engineering resources, visit our Links page.