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O’Donnell Consulting Engineers – formerly O’Donnell & Associates – is a team of individuals from various disciplines dedicated to providing comprehensive engineering solutions to your technical issues. This work includes design, analysis and troubleshooting services, providing assistance to improving your bottom line.

We enjoy technical challenges – from the simple to complex. Our company’s roots began when Bill O’Donnell, Sr. founded O’Donnell & Associates – an engineering firm specializing in design and analysis, including components operating at high temperatures. We have since expanded to offer engineering services to clients throughout the world in such diverse industries as energy, petrochemical, metals, fabrication, construction, marine, mining, and aerospace.

Our team assists in the entire phase of a product life cycle, from prototype design and safety & structural analysis, optimal design, manufacturing, startup/ commissioning, to operations/ materials troubleshooting and equipment life extension.

This includes, aluminum, steel, stainless steels, titanium, nickel based and other exotic alloys used on ships, aircraft, industrial machinery, manufacturing & petrochemical plants, food processing equipment, pharmaceutical components, ASME boilers and pressure vessels, and oil / gas pipelines.

In addition to providing engineering solutions, we also provide forensic engineering services – assisting attorneys and insurance companies determine the root case of structural failures, fire / explosions and industrial / construction accidents – as well as investigating product liability issues and patent infringement issues.

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Mechanical Engineering – Heat Exchanger
Design, Analysis & Troubleshooting
Fire/Explosions – Grain Dryer
Investigating (chemical/ electrical/ structural) fires & explosions
Aerospace Engineering – Hubble Telescope
Design, Analysis & Troubleshooting
Industrial Accidents – Forklift
Root cause of structural failures, accidents +
Power Plant Consulting – Hydroelectric Shaft
Design, analysis, startup/ commissioning and structural/safety evaluations
Failure Analysis of Studs on an Electric Turbine Outer Head Cover
Resolving materials, vibration, fatigue and other operational issues to prevent recurrence
Petrochemical Engineering – Chemical Reactor
Structural and vibration analysis, metallurgical services, weld consulting +
Product Liability – Hunting Bow
Investigating liability issues on industrial/ commercial/ residential equipment.

(412) 835-5007

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