FEA Results of Rotor
FEA Model of Brake Rotor

For a client that manufactures components for Formula One Race cars, we performed engineering and FEA analysis and design optimization on new brake rotor designs.

A few of the assumptions included:

(1) Rotors and their associated components CAD models were imported from their native software (ProEngineer or Catia) into the Ansys Finite Element Analysis software. The models were subsequently meshed, assigned appropriate material properties and boundary conditions, then analyzed.

(2) Each rotor model comprised the following components; the rotor, a bell housing, slot slide/nuts, bolt sleeves, bolts, nuts and brake pads. The brake pads were included to react the torque values applied to the bell housing spline and compression loads applied to the rotor.

(3) Static analyses were performed on each of the finite element models. The analyses performed assumed orthotropic, linear elastic material behavior.

(4) A torque was applied to the spine of the bell housing and reacted through the brake pads, which were treated as “glued” to the rotors. Pressure loads simulating the caliper pistons were applied to the outer brake pad faces parallel to the rotor faces.


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