Fatigue Analysis on Threads of Base-Ported Pressure Filter

A client had determined that in very dusty environments where their base-ported pressure filter was used, particles can get in between the threads of the tube and cap.

The existing design uses standard fine pitch threads which are more easily damaged by dust particles. Therefore, they designed a filter using coarser, more dust/dirt tolerant, Acme threads. Since this was a new thread profile, they were concerned about potential fatigue life.

O’Donnell Consulting was asked to determine if Finite Element Analysis could be used to predict fatigue life of new designs in lieu of testing. The estimate of life for the tube threads based on strain-life methodology predicted 7.0E6 cycles.


O’Donnell Consulting Performs Engineering Design and Analysis – including Fatigue Analysis on Equipment as Fasteners, Valves and Piping.

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