Forensic Failure Analysis on Hunting Bow

Forensic Failure Analysis of Hunting Bow
Image of Failed Bow
Failed Hunting Bow
8x Image of Fractured Surface


Forensic failure analysis on a hunting bow incident that resulted in an injury. The draw weight, like most hunting bows, is adjustable, and typically determined by hooking the bow string on a scale and drawing the bow.

A nondestructive examination was performed on the failed cam to determine if any obvious manufacturing or material defects were present. The fracture location was examined at moderate magnifications using an optical stereomicroscope. The entire fracture surface can be seen in the image on the right. The black surface coating on the exterior surface adjacent to the circumferential portion of the fracture surface exhibited cracking is an indication of localized plastic deformation. At all inspected locations, the fracture exhibited the appearance of a ductile tensile shear overload mode of failure.


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