Risk Management / Due Diligence Services

Risk Management & Due Diligence Services

Providing technical due diligence for evaluating the safety, reliability, and efficiency of processes and equipment.

This includes an assessment of the current condition of components and systems, and their remaining operating life. Using component and plant life extension technologies, corrosion, fatigue, pitting, creep rupture damage evaluations are performed along with other materials issues. We have performed due diligence/ risk assessments for operating plants both nationally and internationally.

Equipment inspection

  • Evaluation of design data, history, and system or equipment records
  • (2-D and 3-D) finite element analysis
  • Non-destructive testing and metallurgical evaluation
  • Fitness for service criteria evaluation
  • Compliance checks to relevant standards
  • Comprehensive reports with meaningful technical evaluations
  • Fatigue/ corrosion damage and remaining life evaluations
  • Repairs and refurbishments needed to extend the life of the equipment

We provide technical due diligence for clients evaluating the potential restarting of old plants and facilities, investments in new or existing plants, upgrading and modernizing old processes, increasing the capacity of existing facilities, or plant life extension. 

Our experienced staff can offer innovative solutions to problems encountered in such activities – our innovative processes and devices have been used in over 40 major ($100+ million) plants world-wide.

Risk Management Services

Supporting firms that wish to minimize risk in their investments.

  • Financial & Technical Evaluations
  • Experienced CPAs and PEs
  • Fitness for Service Evaluations
  • Forensic Engineering & Accounting
  • Mechanical/ Metallurgical Failure Analysis
  • Codes & Standards Verification
  • Vibration Analysis & Control
  • Fatigue & Fracture Evaluations
  • Registered Professional Engineer Certifications
  • Cost/ Benefit Analysis

Learn from the experience of others. Especially when one such “other” is Dr. William O’Donnell, PhD, PE, Founder and President of O’Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc., and ASME “Engineer of the Year” – his 50 years of experience in analysis of components including fatigue and fracture safety evaluations and failure analyses are now comprised in this volume.

If you are interested learning more in Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Construction, as well as Failure Analysis, then this book is a must have!


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