Fire/ Explosion Investigation of LPG Dehydration System

Fire / Explosion Investigation of LPG Dehydration System

A fire/explosion was investigated at a pipeline LPG Dehydration facility. The explosion and fire apparently occurred during a periodic draining operation whereby water was removed from the system by “blowing down” the separator boot using two 2” manual ball valves.

The following Codes & Standards are listed as applicable to the project:
• ASME B31.4
• ASME B31.8
• 29 CFR 1910 (OSHA)
• 49 CFR 195
• 49 CFR 192

Inclusion of these Codes & Standards in the specifications for the LPG Dehydration System implies that the system designers and safety consultants were aware of the requirements and guidelines contained therein and were therefore obligated to ensure compliance with these requirements and guidelines with respect to mechanical integrity, functionality and safety of the System.

We determined that the cause of the incident was due to the accidental release of propane gas after the water was completely discharged. 


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