Dave Forsyth

Practice Areas: Thermal, Structural, Seismic Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, ASME Design & Analysis, Failure Analysis, Forensic Engineering

Has over 35 years experience in thermal, structural and seismic analysis, heat transfer, fluid flow, and finite element analysis and computer programming. His experience includes working with ASME, API and other Codes. Several of his (Engineering, Failure Analysis & Forensic) projects include:

  • Design optimization for industrial furnaces resulting in 15% efficiency improvements.
  • Analysis of gas turbine transition, with vortex shedding effects.
  • Analysis of fluid/probe harmonic action with design changes for successful operation.
  • Analysis of steam turbine bearing housing failure, with recommendations.
  • Litigation support calculations for industrial furnace expert witness testimony.
  • Design of five ejector stacks, including sizing and flow modeling.
  • Molten glass channel flow using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).
  • ASME design calculations of a Low Pressure Feedwater Heater
  • Stress and modal analyses of turbine buckets.
  • TAF (vibrational torque amplification factor) studies of large gear/shaft assembly.
  • Structural and seismic evaluations on a Denitration/Mineralization Reformer pressure vessel for Idaho cleanup facility
  • Study of dynamic and electromagnetic forces and crack propagation for an electric arc furnace.
  • Analysis of slag pot creep-deformation and fatigue crack growth.
  • Thermal ratcheting analysis of an aluminum coil cart.
  • Failure analysis of furnace rolls.
  • Continuous stretch-roller leveler plastic elongation and power modeling.
  • Analysis of fatigue and plasticity of rolling mill housing.
  • Shape factor and thermal heating transient calculation of forgings.
  • Design and analysis of a 1 ton capacity robot arm.
  • Analysis of gas turbine transition with vortex shedding effects.
  • Study of weld life in furnace skid piping exposed to high temperature and stress.
  • Creep and fatigue study of high-alloy furnace hardware.

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