Tony Hedderman, PE

Practice Areas: Structural Engineering, Engineering Design & Analysis, ASME Design & Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Failure Analysis, Forensic Engineering

Has over 25 years of engineering experience in the areas of structural design and analysis, heat transfer, failure analysis, seismic analysis, and construction management. His expertise includes computer aided design and analysis using finite element analysis – he has designed cryogenic piping and engines for NASA, as well as storage tanks for LOX, LIN, LNG and LAR, including secondary containment, and insulation systems. He his expertise applies to a wide range of industry sectors including the petrochemical, aerospace, mining, and transportation industries.

He has extensive experience in the design and analysis of storage tanks, vacuum chambers, pressure vessels, mining equipment, materials handling equipment, and rotating machinery. This experience includes the design and analysis of structural frames and connections associated with stairways, platforms, storage racks, equipment support structures, and various anchorage systems. He has conducted a wide variety of analyses including: transient thermal, elastic-plastic, modal, harmonic, response spectrum, random vibration, fatigue, creep, and non-linear buckling analyses. These analyses included various complex mechanical and thermal loading such as: cryogenic spills, fire conditions, liquid sloshing, shock, seismic effects, and impact. Some of his projects have included:

  • (Thermal, structural, seismic, thermal upset, and liquid sloshing) Analysis of a Submerged Bed Scrubber Vessel for processing nuclear waste for the Hanford, WA Waste Water River Treatment Protection Program.
  • Fatigue evaluation of a Chemical Adsorption Vessel subjected to severe thermal transients. Work included providing recommendations on design modifications.
  • Evaluation of multiple process and storage tanks with severe fabrication distortions for an ethanol production facility. Evaluation included performing finite element analyses of as-built conditions and recommending modifications to ensure tanks met acceptable safety margins for fitness-for-service.
  • Investigation of multiple failures of a rotor for a whey permeate dryer.
  • Failure investigation of an autoclave explosion.
  • Modal and stress analyses and validation testing of a 24-inch feed water strainer for the nuclear industry.
  • Investigation into the cracking of a Fluoseal Vessel.
  • Evaluation of the failure of EPDM expansion joints for flue gas ductwork for a coal burning power plant.
  • Investigation into progressive movement of Tunnel Furnace Shuttle Area Crane Girders.

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