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Tom O’Donnell, PhD, PE (412) 835-5007

Practice Areas: Thermal, Vibration, Failure, Finite Element Analysis, ASME B&PV Codes, Expert Witness / Forensic Engineering

Tom O’Donnell performs thermal, structural, vibration, fatigue, creep, failure evaluation, and finite element analysis of equipment including heat exchangers, vessels and refractory materials – to Engineering Codes, including ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel (ASME B&PV).

Tom is writing our Blogs – which include the topics “What is a Primary Stress” “When to Call a Metallurgist” and “Failure Analysis Basics.” He is also an expert in shock and vibration analysis of equipment.

Tom also provides Expert Witness / Forensic Engineering Support. His experience includes:

  • Design and analysis of equipment including pressure vessels, heat exchangers, retorts, reactors, condensors, steam dumps, mist eliminators, scrubbers, vibrofluidizers and skids
  • Structural analysis per ASCE, ANSI 690, AISC, UBC, IBC and ASME Codes
  • Structural design and analysis of equipment including skids, racks, frames, rail car trucks, dynamic brake system resistor banks, power plant circuit breakers
  • Shock and vibration analyses and design optimization of machinery and components on shipboard applications
  • Numerous analyses of equipment & components to ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Boiler & Pressure Code
  • Environmental systems design and analyses
  • Structural and thermal analyses of a 2000 psi steam end for a chemical facility power plant
  • Investigation of a failure of a water tower support leg
  • Stress and fatigue analysis of high temperature bellows for a jet engine test facility
  • Structural analysis of a distillation vacuum tower after damage by a fire
  • Non-linear elastic-plastic analysis of replacement steam generators
  • Structural analyses of condensers and heat exchangers for use on submarines
  • Creep, creep buckling investigations of steel vessels and refractory materials
  • Test program oversight, Project management, and ASME NQA-1 Quality Assurance program oversight
  • Seismic analysis of tanks, vessels and structures
  • Tank evaluations according to API Standards
  • Shock and vibration analyses on structural supports of oily waste systems
  • Missile strike analyses for nuclear reactor vessel head replacement packages
  • Seismic and LOCA evaluations of replacement nuclear plant components
  • Structural reliability and risk assessment analyses of nuclear power plant welds
  • Product design, development, prototyping, analysis, testing and optimization
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Tool Prototypes – design, analysis, instrumentation, testing, optimization and procurement
  • Litigation related engineering engineering investigations and testimony


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