John Koltick, PE

O'Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc. was originally founded to meet the specialized needs of the nuclear industry. We have since expanded to offer engineering design, analysis, troubleshooting and forensic services to clients throughout the world in such diverse industries as energy, petrochemical, metals, fabrication, construction, marine, mining, and aerospace. We enjoy technical challenges - from the simple to complex.

John Koltick, PE

Practice Areas:

Structural Engineering, Plant Design & Operations; ASME Design & Analysis; Failure Analysis; Forensic Engineering

Has thirty-five years of experience in ASME Code calculations, heat transfer, combustion controls, level controls/ alarms/ cutoffs, corrosion analysis, failure analysis, and performance testing.

He has assisted in the operations, design engineering, construction, startup/ commissioning, testing and safety of major mechanical equipment and facilities. Specific applications include fire-tube and water-tube boilers, multi-pressure heat recovery steam generators, gas turbines, steam turbines, and electrical generators. Specific power plant projects include waste-to-energy facilities, natural gas and coal-fired cogeneration plants, and retrofit projects at large coal-fired stations. Mr. Koltick also has a comprehensive technical background and consulting experience in the areas of combustion safety, explosions and fires. His engineering experience includes:

  • investigation of overheating and premature failure of an 800 KW electric induction furnace upgrade
  • cogeneration studies of the seven largest industries in Zimbabwe.
  • design concept/ cost estimate of total energy plant for Greater International Airport
  • retrofit of four stoker-fired boilers at a central power plant.
  • failure mode analysis for a hydrogen-cooled utility generator involved in mechanical failure and resulting fire
  • FM/IRI/NFPA compliance review of natural gas train and injection system controls for a coal-fired utility boiler low NOx “gas reburn” project

His forensic experience includes:

  • preparation of expert witness testimony for a scrubber system absorber vessel fire at a coal-fired power plant
  • investigation of a coal bunker fire and resulting explosion at a power plant
  • preparation of expert witness testimony for a thermal oil heater explosion
  • investigation, expert witness report and testimony for a catastrophic failure of a 500 Mw / 24 kV generator in a coal-fired station
  • investigation, expert witness report and testimony for an engine room fire onboard a new merchant vessel
  • investigation and expert witness testimony for an alleged arson at a seafood processing plant
  • preliminary investigation of an ammonium perchlorate explosion at a solid rocket fuel plant
  • investigation of propanol tank explosion at resin plant
  • investigation of and expert report for multiple gearbox failures on 30-meter parabolic tracking antennas