John Koltick, PE

Practice Areas:

Structural Engineering, Power/ Plant Design & Operations; ASME Design & Analysis; Failure Analysis; Forensic Engineering

Has thirty-five years of experience in ASME Code calculations, heat transfer, combustion controls, level controls/ alarms/ cutoffs, corrosion analysis, failure analysis, and performance testing.

He has assisted in the operations, design engineering, construction, startup/ commissioning, testing and safety of major mechanical equipment and facilities. Specific applications include fire-tube and water-tube boilers, multi-pressure heat recovery steam generators, gas turbines, steam turbines, and electrical generators. Specific power plant projects include waste-to-energy facilities, natural gas and coal-fired cogeneration plants, and retrofit projects at large coal-fired stations. Mr. Koltick also has comprehensive experience in the areas of combustion safety, explosions and fires. His engineering experience includes:

  • Design, construction, startup and testing of steam boilers (including direct-fired and heat recovery steam generators), pressure vessels, steam accumulators, and Balance-of-Plant Equipment (including pumps, deaerators, steam condensors and feedwater heaters)
  • Critical piping review of the Submerged Decontamination System for the damaged reactor at Three Mile Island
  • Investigation of overheating and premature failure of an 800 KW electric induction furnace upgrade
  • Design, installation and testing of low NOx burners
  • Failure mode analysis for a hydrogen-cooled utility generator
  • Project Manager of the design team for Westinghouse AP600 next-generation modular nuclear reactor
  • Retrofit of four stoker-fired boilers at a central power plant.
  • Root cause analysis of hydrogen embrittlement of instrumentation piping at the Seabrook Nuclear Station
  • Failure mode analysis for a hydrogen-cooled utility generator involved in mechanical failure and resulting fire
  • FM/IRI/NFPA compliance review of natural gas train and injection system controls for a coal-fired utility boiler low NOx “gas reburn” project

His forensic experience includes:

  • Preparation of expert witness testimony for a scrubber system absorber vessel fire at a coal-fired power plant
  • Investigation of a coal bunker fire and resulting explosion at a power plant
  • Preparation of expert witness testimony for a thermal oil heater explosion
  • Investigation, expert witness report and testimony for a catastrophic failure of a 500 Mw / 24 kV generator in a coal-fired station
  • Investigation, expert witness report and testimony for an engine room fire onboard a new merchant vessel
  • Investigation and expert witness testimony for an alleged arson at a seafood processing plant
  • Preliminary investigation of an ammonium perchlorate explosion at a solid rocket fuel plant
  • Investigation of propanol tank explosion at resin plant
  • Investigation of and expert report for multiple gearbox failures on 30-meter parabolic tracking antennas

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