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Joe Turek

Practice Areas: Metallurgy, Metallurgical Failure Analysis, Failure Analysis, Forensic Metallurgy

Has over twenty five years of experience performing material characterizations, metallurgical evaluations, failure investigations and forensic metallurgy / product liability litigation.

Materials of interest include stainless, refractory, reactive and conventional metals and alloys, along with a variety of polymer, ceramic and semi-conductor materials. He is the author of over 30 technical papers concerning corrosion, failures, oxidation, cost reduction, process development, defect analysis, and material characterization. He has been a leader in the development of advanced material processing, as well as the application of multiple analytical techniques to resolve complicated material issues. He also has served as the primary forensic materials investigator for numerous high profile product liability litigations.

His forensic experience has included:

  • SCC failure of reactor pressure heaters
  • Safety Harness failures
  • Brittle Fracture in HSLA Structural Steel
  • Socket Failures – identified manufacturing condition that led to premature failure
  • Reactor Pressure Heater Failures – identified SCC as the failure mechanism in Type 316SS sheaths
  • Underground Coal Mine Fall of Roof – identified cause of fractured roof bolt
  • Wrench Failure – determined improper material resulted in premature fracture
  • Tree Stand Injury – identified the cause of attachment chain failure
  • Steam Generator – identified the mechanism of phosphate wastage and inhibition in Inconel 600 tubing
  • Steam Boiler Corrosion – identified waterside corrosion mechanism responsible for premature failure in oil fired cast iron steam boilers
  • Steam Turbine Nozzle Failure – identified defects from faulty repair was primary cause of failure
  • Drilling Platform Explosion – identified ignition source for methane explosion

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