Senior Mechanical Engineer, PE

Sr. Engineer, PE

Practice Areas: Engineering Design & Analysis, ASME Design & Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Failure Analysis, Forensic Engineering

Has more than 35 years of professional experience particularly in areas of: heat transfer, thermal and structural analysis as well as in failure investigations of equipment including tanks, heat exchangers, flares and compressors. In a recent court appearance in the US, he testified for the plaintiff in a failure of staircase which resulted in an 8 million dollar jury award, among the top 10 largest in the Allegheny County in 2010. His cases have included:

  • Failure and accident causation analyses of an automobile wheel separation in New York State.
  • Analysis of faulty design of seat belt and door locking mechanism in a semi truck.
  • Evaluation of series of Post Weld Heat Treatment performed in a Texas refinery.
  • Investigating the destruction of a priceless 15th Century Adam statue in the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Arts.
  • Determined the root cause of failure of Stabilizer System on Boeing 737 aircraft.
  • Represented Dragados, the second largest construction company in Europe, in a dispute with Empresas Publicas, the utility company in Medellin, Colombia.
  • Failure and causation analyses of an acid tank valve in a chemical plant in Ohio.
  • Evaluation of graphite heat exchangers failure in a chemical plant in Ohio.
  • Structural analyses of boiler tubes in a fossil plant in Pennsylvania.
  • Failure causation analysis of a chair resulting in personal injury.
  • Explosion investigation of aircraft defensive countermeasures (decoy flares) stored in Aluminum compartments.
  • Failure evaluation of high voltage transmission line poles.
  • Determined the cause of explosion of an air compressor in a Texas test facility.
  • Evaluation of the integrity of a large refractory oven wall.
  • Determined the root cause of fire origination in electrical cables aboard a cargo ship off the cost of South Korea.

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