Coke Oven Battery Evaluation in $560 M International Arbitration

Investigation of construction issues on a Coke Oven Battery - CFD Model
Coke Oven Battery CFD Model


A Coke Oven Battery Evaluation was performed in an International Chamber of Commerce ($560 M) Binding Arbitration, Performing the Evaluation of the Design, Engineering and Performance of Heat Recovery Coke Oven Batteries in Brazil.

This forensic investigation involved the design/ construction/ materials issues, as well as the thermal cycling of the refractory components, which included:

  • Review of design and engineering of the basic oven process
  • Review of engineering of the refractory works
  • Review of design and engineering of coke oven equipment
  • Perform computer simulations of the design and operation of the coke oven
  • Assess the quality of materials and workmanship
  • Assess the operation and maintenance of the Coking Plant

Part of the investigation included performing a CFD analysis of the coking process. The CFD model was constructed of the upper chamber of one coke oven. The model encompassed the main oven chamber above the sole flue. Six primary air inlets were included on the top of the oven, and 17 downcomer outlets were included along the sides of the chamber.

The six primary air inlets began at the top of a 65 mm diameter pipe, and the 17 outlets included the portion of the downcomer to the approximate location of the downcomer orifice. The CFD model solved steady state equations for conservation of mass, momentum, energy, species and radiation using a finite volume method incorporating ~ 470,000 cells.

Our work resulted in the claim being settled prior to the scheduled arbitration tribunal in Paris.


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