Space Shuttle Hubble Telescope Mine Lift Hook Heat Exchangers Military Flare


Military Flare

Military Flare

We investigated the cause of a military flare that had exploded prematurely.


Space Shuttle Main Engine Nozzles

Space Shuttle Main Engine NozzlesWe performed an engineering analysis on the Space Shuttle Main Engine Nozzles exhibiting localized thinning through thermal transient loads. WE determined that the cause was creep tensile instability, and designed a correction.


Hubble Telescope Investigation

Hubble Telescope InvestigationNASA had asked us to investigate the cause of vibrations in the Hubble Telescope.


Mine Lift Hook Investigation

Mine Lift Hook InvestigationO’Donnell Consulting performed an investigation the buckling of a mine lift hook.


Heat Exchangers

Heat ExchangersO’Donnell conducted a comprehensive investigation for NASA, to determine the cause of cracking in one of their heat exchangers.


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