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We enjoy being challenged. The engineering consulting firm to call for structural design, analysis, troubleshooting and litigation support. We help you understand the technical issues, and resolve them.

Engineering Design & Analysis

O'Donnell Consulting Engineers offers a range of engineering services including structural design and analysis of components. We perform finite element analysis (FEA) to accurately model products and processes to determine structural integrity and reliability, as well as predict structural failures. For over 30 years, we have performed engineering analysis for numerous industries, including mechanical, civil, petrochemical, marine, transportation, energy, and manufacturing.     >>>

Engineering Problem Solving

We perform fatigue/ failure analysis, vibration analysis, corrosion, materials/ metallurgy, and weld troubleshooting services on components as heat exchangers, pressure vessels, pumps, tanks and other process and manufacturing components.     >>>

Forensic Engineering Services

Our extensive experience gives us credibility in expert witness testimony involving product defect/ liability issues, structural failures, materials/ metallurgical issues, accidents, and fire/explosions. We are a team of multidisciplined engineers, dedicated to solving simple to complex technical issues. Our results are based on quantified engineering principles and analysis - not just opinions. We have testified in International, Federal, and State courts, presenting comprehensive technical results that are easily understood by judges and juries.    >>>