Space Heater

mural1_heatWe were asked to redesign the weld configuration, heat treatment, inspection process on a space heater – subsequently improving its design life.

Dam Floodgate

mural1_floodInvestigation of an accident on a spillway floodgate. Internal mechanical elements were inspected and evaluated, and a finite element model was created of the assembly. Members and welded sections were evaluated for structural integrity.

Statue Pedestal

mural1_statueTullio Lombardo’s Adam is the greatest Venetian 15th-century work of art in America. The sculpture was carved around 1490 for the tomb of Doge Andrea Vendramin in the Church of Santa Maria dei Servi, Venice and it was originally paired with a now lost companion of Eve. It is the first monumental classical nude carved since antiquity and was admired by both Michelangelo and Canova. Described as a “tragic, freak accident” the base of its reinforced plywood pedestal apparently buckled, and the statue of Adam crashed to the ground. O’Donnell Consulting investigated the cause of the accident. The story does not end there. See how Adam was put back together Here.

Motorcycle Analysis

mural1_motorO’Donnell Consulting performed structural analyses of a failed component on a motorcycle.

Failed Insulators

mural1_insulatorsO’Donnell conducted a comprehensive failure analysis of ceramic electrical insulators.


mural1_vibroO’Donnell Consulting corrected vibration problems and optimized the design on a vibrating fluid bed used for the drying or cooling of a large range of products.

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