Design of Welded Connection Between Wind Turbine Tower and Baseplate

We designed a welded connection between a wind turbine monopole tower and its supporting baseplate to meet British Standard BS EN 1993-1-9:2005 and Eurocode 3 “Design of Steel Structures”.

No suitable weldment configuration was available in Eurocode 3 to meet Detail Category 80 requirements for connecting the pole to the flat base plate. A full or partial penetration weld between the pole and the flat base are classified as maximum of Detail Category 71. In addition to the inadequate welding Category, use of a full or partial penetration weld generally requires more weld metal that could cause distortion and misalignment of the monopole to the base connection. We designed a base plate to incorporate a 2.75-inch extrusion, similar to the shape of a piping welded neck flange.

We perform design, analysis and troubleshooting to Codes including ASCE, API, ASME & AWS.

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