This is a partial list of publications by our engineering staff. The following are on the topic of Design and Analysis of Steam Generators/ Heat Exchangers.

“An Analysis of Average Stress Intensities in Steam Generator Tube Sheet Ligaments” W. J. O’Donnell, Bettis Technical Review, No. 21, p. 79, November 1960.
An analysis of stress intensities (shear stresses) is the minimum ligament sections of steam generator tube sheets is presented. This analysis can be used to evaluate the ligament stress intensities based on stresses averaged across the minimum ligament sections and averaged through the depth of the tube sheet.

“The Effect of the Tubes on Stresses and Deflections in U-Tube Steam Generator Tube Sheets” W. J. O’Donnell, Bettis Technical Review, No. 21, p. 89, November 1960.

“Effective Elastic Constants for Steam Generator Tube Sheets”  W. J. O’Donnell, Bettis Technical Review, No. 22, p. 1, March 1961.

“Analysis of Perforated Plates” W. J. O’Donnell, Doctoral Thesis, University of Pittsburgh (1962).

“Design of Perforated Plates” W. J. O’Donnell and B. F. Langer, Journal of Engineering for Industry, Transactions ASME, Vol. 84, p. 307, August 1962.
This paper describes a method for calculating stresses and deflections in perforated plates with a triangular penetration pattern. This method is based partly on theory and partly on experiment. Average ligament stresses are obtained from purely theoretical considerations but effective elastic constants and peak stresses are derived from strain measurements and photoelastic tests. Acceptable limits for pressure stresses and thermal stresses in heat exchanger tube sheets are also proposed.

“Stresses and Deflections in Built-in Beams” W. J. O’Donnell, Series B, Transactions ASME, Vol. 85, p. 265, August 1963.

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