Sr. Weld Engineer

Practice Areas: Weld Engineering, Failure Analysis, Forensic Engineering

Has over 40 years experience in welding and repair – including ASME Codes including Section I, Section VIII, Div. 1 and Section IX and ISO requirements.

He has also developed procedures to weld pipe requiring argon gas backing. This welding was mainly on austenitic stainless steel but also included copper nickel for sea water service. He has written and qualified welding procedures for numerous chrome-moly and carbon-moly tubing materials in steam turbine applications. As Chairman of the AWS Filler Metal Committee, he introduced electrode classifications and testing for the welding of P91 and T91 high temperature 9% Cr-Mo boiler applications. These materials are used in many central station boilers for power generation.

His experience also includes developing and qualifying welding procedures for compressor impellers and casings and methods for restoration of steam turbine rotor shafts for all makes of multistage steam turbines.  He has written and co-authored many publications including:

“Understanding AWS Filler Metal Classifications and Optional Supplemental Designators” Welding Journal, February, 1998

“Rotor Restoration” 6th Annual Pressure Equipment Industry Conference, Banff, AB, CANADA, February, 2002

“Snowmaking at XIX Winter Olympiad” PE Reporter, Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers, Harrisburg, PA, February, 2002

“Narrow Groove Welding of Turbine Rotor Shaft” 6th International EPRI Conference on Weld Repair Technology for Power Plants, Sandestin, FL, June, 2004

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