Senior Weld Engineer 1

O'Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc. was originally founded to meet the specialized needs of the nuclear industry. We have since expanded to offer engineering design, analysis, troubleshooting and forensic services to clients throughout the world in such diverse industries as energy, petrochemical, metals, fabrication, construction, marine, mining, and aerospace. We enjoy technical challenges - from the simple to complex.

Sr. Weld Engineer

Practice Areas: Weld Engineering, Failure Analysis, Forensic Engineering

Has over 35 years experience in heavy industrial construction specializing in Welding and Quality Assurance/Quality Control. Has had numerous positions as welding supervisor, welding superintendent, welding engineer, staff welding engineer, and chief and senior welding engineer. Has developed, implemented, and directly managed welding programs and field operations in the fossil, cogeneration and nuclear power industries, the steel industry, and the food, hospital, pulp and paper and natural gas transmission industries.

Has written and implemented quality programs dealing with: concrete, electrical, structural, mechanical equipment, pile driving, welding, piping, boilers, pressure vessels, masonry, architectural installations etc. and used those programs successfully on major projects. Additionally, Has written and implemented quality programs that utilized ASME’s “S”, “U”, “PP” “A”, “H”, “N”, “NA” and “NPT” Certificates of Authorization and also the National Board’s ”R” Certificate. Has also developed the Quality Control portion of ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 programs in the recent past. Has also been Chairman of the AWS B2 Committee on Welding Qualifications, and the AWS D9.1, Sheet Metal Welding Code.

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