Senior Mechanical Engineer, PE

O'Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc. was originally founded to meet the specialized needs of the nuclear industry. We have since expanded to offer engineering design, analysis, troubleshooting and forensic services to clients throughout the world in such diverse industries as energy, petrochemical, metals, fabrication, construction, marine, mining, and aerospace. We enjoy technical challenges - from the simple to complex.

Sr. Engineer, PE

Practice Areas: Engineering Design & Analysis, ASME Design & Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Failure Analysis, Forensic Engineering

Has more than 35 years of professional experience particularly in areas of: heat transfer, thermal and structural analysis as well as in failure investigations of equipment including tanks, heat exchangers, flares and compressors. In a recent court appearance in the US, he testified for the plaintiff in a failure of staircase which resulted in an 8 million dollar jury award, among the top 10 largest in the Allegheny County in 2010. His cases have included:

  • Failure and accident causation analyses of an automobile wheel separation in New York State.
  • Analysis of faulty design of seat belt and door locking mechanism in a semi truck.
  • Evaluation of series of Post Weld Heat Treatment performed in a Texas refinery.
  • Investigating the destruction of a priceless 15th Century Adam statue in the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Arts.
  • Determined the root cause of failure of Stabilizer System on Boeing 737 aircraft.
  • Represented Dragados, the second largest construction company in Europe, in a dispute with Empresas Publicas, the utility company in Medellin, Colombia.
  • Failure and causation analyses of an acid tank valve in a chemical plant in Ohio.
  • Evaluation of graphite heat exchangers failure in a chemical plant in Ohio.
  • Structural analyses of boiler tubes in a fossil plant in Pennsylvania.
  • Failure causation analysis of a chair resulting in personal injury.
  • Explosion investigation of aircraft defensive countermeasures (decoy flares) stored in Aluminum compartments.
  • Failure evaluation of high voltage transmission line poles.
  • Determined the cause of explosion of an air compressor in a Texas test facility.
  • Evaluation of the integrity of a large refractory oven wall.
  • Determinated the root cause of fire origination in electrical cables aboard a cargo ship off the cost of South Korea.

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