Senior Mechanical Engineer 2 – O’Donnell Consulting

Senior Mechanical Engineer
Has over 20 years in design and analysis. His work has included:
• performed operational deflections and mode shapes to find the structural element of a system sensitive to a system excitation and to calibrate finite element models
• performed dynamic field balancing and shaft alignment to directly reduce vibration
• worked at chemical plants, coal fired power plants, nuclear power plants
• oil fields, oil refineries, steel mills, oil shale mines, gravel quarries, paper mills, office buildings, auto engine plants, manufacturing plants, printing plants, waste water treatment plants, pharmaceutical plants
• fans, pumps, generators, pipes, compressors, floors, motor mounts, fan bases, heat treating furnaces, air handling units, and car and truck tires
• compressors, cooling tower fans, and jet engine test fixtures

(412) 835-5007

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