ODonnell Consulting

Senior CFD Engineer, PE

O'Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc. was originally founded to meet the specialized needs of the nuclear industry. We have since expanded to offer engineering design, analysis, troubleshooting and forensic services to clients throughout the world in such diverse industries as energy, petrochemical, metals, fabrication, construction, marine, mining, and aerospace. We enjoy technical challenges - from the simple to complex.

Senior Engineer, PE – has over 20 years experience in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), experimental testing, heat transfer, and fluid flow. His Bachelors and Masters degrees are from the University of Pittsburgh. His primary areas of expertise are in:

  • Heating and cooling applications in the primary metals industries
  • Experimental and physical modelling of liquid/solid/gas flows
  • Expertise in single and two-phase flow systems
  • Model optimization of gas and liquid combustion
  • 3D Computational fluid dynamic modelling (CFD)

His projects have include:

  • Diffusion Flame Analysis for high and low temperature applications
  • Premix Flame Analysis and Gas Dispersion
  • Heating studies for the aluminum and steel industries
  • Pollutant Burnout for offgases
  • Design of axial blower for combustion applications
  • Study of flow distribution for a conveyor dryer application