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Vibration Troubleshooting & Analysis

Vibration Troubleshooting, Analysis and Repair
We perform vibration testing, troubleshooting, analysis and repair on equipment to ensure structural integrity. Most vibration problems are due to mechanical, acoustic, or flow related excitation – and if left unchecked, will cause equipment failure, which may lead to greater repair costs. We have resolved vibration issues on equipment in numerous applications. A few examples include:

  • Vibration analysis and repair of equipment including compressors, fans, shafts, and piping
  • Vibration and seismic analysis of tanks, vessels, skids and welded structures
  • Vibration and shock analysis of nuclear equipment in land-based and shipboard applications

Components vibrate at particular natural frequencies – these frequencies and resulting mode shapes can be determined using Modal Analysis. Often, simple modal analysis can be performed, while for more complex systems, finite element analysis is performed to determine to determine the dynamic response.

We perform vibration troubleshooting and analysis on pumps, medical equipment, electronic components, and structural support systems, among other components – identifying operating problems and designing solutions.

  • Testing, Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Rotating Equipment Analysis
  • Simple and Complex Modal Analysis
  • Flow Induced Vibrations
  • Fatigue Analysis

We have performed engineering on components in numerous Industries. For a summary of our various engineering projects, see Portfolio.

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