We performed an independent safety review of paving equipment that was manufactured in Germany. The design, electrical hydraulic and mechanical elements of the machine, the operating requirements, ergonomics, safety signs and hazards were all evaluated. At the time, there were no applicable U.S. Occupational Safety/OSHA Ergonomics Standard. However, current practices for prevention of Cumulative Trauma Disorders and/or Musculoskeletal Disorders fall under the OSHA General Duty Clause, 29 CFR 1903.1.

Operational safety standards established by the US Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) were also evaluated. These included

  • OSHA CFR 29, 1910.211-219
  • OSHA Mechanical Power-Transmission Apparatus CFR 29, 1926.307

Although OSHA does not approve or certify any equipment, it must meet existing safety standards.


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