Vibration Analysis on Linear Displacement Transducers (Actuators)

FEA Model of Actuator
FEA Model
Vibration (Modal and Spectrum) FEA analysis of Actuator
FEA Model Results

Modal & Spectrum Analysis on LVDT Transducers


Vibration (modal and spectrum) FEA analysis performed on a manufacturer’s linear variable displacement transducers.

When a client wished to add a Linear Variable Displacement Transducer (LVDT) Unit to a stock hydraulic Actuator for a Demonstration Engine, they had concerns regarding changes in the dynamic behavior of the Actuator. We were asked to perform a vibration analysis of the Actuator plus LVDT design.

A modal analysis was first performed. Natural frequencies and corresponding mode shapes of the unit in the range of 10 to 3000 were sought. A three-dimensional single point response spectrum analysis was then performed. The same spectrum was applied in each of the x, y and z directions. Analyses were performed for two configurations – a fully retracted actuator, and a fully extended actuator. These solutions were assumed to bound the behavior for any actuator position. The results showed that the maximum resulting stresses fell well under the the yield stress for the steel (36 ksi).



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