Failure Analysis Projects

Failure analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the root cause should your equipment or asset fail or not perform as expected.

Failure Analysis on a Cracked Cylinder Liner

An 18-inch replacement cylinder liner was manufactured for an engine used to compress natural gas. During the installation, the liner fractured and fell into the engine block, causing damage

Failure Analysis of Cracked Tube-to-Tubesheet Welds on Chemical Reactor

Cracks had developed on tube-to-tubesheet welds on a chemical reactor. We were asked to perform a thermal transient and stress analysis of the welds. This included the startup, controlled heatup and cool-down processes on the reactor with respect to the potential for creating leaks through the tube to tubesheet welds.

Failure Analysis – Cracked Pressure Swing Absorber (PSA) Vessels

Extensive investigation of the cracking was conducted, including UT, RT, and Magnetic Particle (MP) examinations; a joint test protocol for destructive testing on boat samples; chemical composition analyses, metallographic evaluations, and fractographic analyses.

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