Failure Analysis Projects

Although failure investigations may appear to look easy – they typically are not. Quite often, failures occur due a number of variables. A few variables (such as corrosion) may be evident, while others may require deeper investigation. A multidisciplinary approach is often used to perform a root cause investigation. For a structural failure – an engineer, materials/ metallurgical professional and a welding specialist are often necessary. In addition, engaging an expert who is knowledgeable with the process/ factors important to the design and the performance of the equipment is strongly recommended.

Our projects have included:

  • Chemical Tumbler
  • Cyclone
  • Contactor Vessel
  • Mining Lift Hook
  • Turbine Head Cover
  • Rotary Kiln
  • Corrosion of Irrigation Piping
  • Wire Rope
  • NASA Heat Exchanger
  • Hydroelectric Turbine Shaft
  • Cracked Ductwork
  • Compressor
  • Barge Mooring
  • Cracked Tube-to-Tubesheet Welds in a Chemical Reactor
  • Cracked PSA Vessels
  • Quartz Tubes in Water Purification System
  • 30 Ton Press
  • cracked Welds in Gypsum Kiln
  • Cracked Tube-to-Tubesheet Welds in a Sulfuric Acid Plant
  • Cracks in Incinerator Recuperator
  • XL Commercial Sprinkler Pipe
  • Buckled Longwall Mining Relay Bar
  • 1,400 Ton Hydraulic Press
  • Cracks in Fittings in HVAC System
  • Bellows
  • Fracking Pump

Failure Investigation of Rotary Cement Kiln Accident

Analysis of Cement Kiln - Artist Illustration of Kiln

Failure investigation of a rotary cement kiln accident during startup. Get analysis & recommendations from Tom O’Donnell 412.835.5007. Rotary kilns run 24/7 and are stopped only for a few days for essential maintenance. This is important because of heatup and cool down thermal transients.

Failure Analysis on a Cracked Cylinder Liner

An 18-inch replacement cylinder liner was manufactured for an engine used to compress natural gas. During the installation, the liner fractured and fell into the engine block, causing damage

316L SS Rotary Valve Impellers – Corrosion / Metallurgical Evaluation

We performed corrosion and metallurgical analysis on two Type 316L SS rotary valve impellers exhibiting pitting. The impellers are used in cheese curd production. The pitting was localized, biased towards the keyed drive end of the rotors, reportedly the same location where convey air is introduced into the valve. The convey air was reported to be …

316L SS Rotary Valve Impellers – Corrosion / Metallurgical Evaluation Read More »

Failure Analysis of Cracked Tube-to-Tubesheet Welds on Chemical Reactor

Cracks had developed on tube-to-tubesheet welds on a chemical reactor. We were asked to perform a thermal transient and stress analysis of the welds. This included the startup, controlled heatup and cool-down processes on the reactor with respect to the potential for creating leaks through the tube to tubesheet welds.

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