Following are a few example projects highlighting a diversity of engineering and legal cases we have worked on. For over 40 years, we have assisted numerous clients solve complex problems enabling them to increase production performance, and become more cost-efficient. We are constantly updating this page – stop by again! See our Murals Page.
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Weld Troubleshooting & Redesign of a Heater with Limited Fatigue Life

Imperfections in fabrication processes such as welding, forming and assembling parts for welding and cutting can contribute to the concentration of strains in localized areas to a degree that significantly shortens the fatigue life

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Failure Analysis of an Aircraft Flight Control Component

Aircraft stabilizer trim motor

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FEA of Feedwater Heater

ASME B&PV Section VIII Div. 2 Code Analysis of a Feedwater Heater

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Finite Element Analysis of ASTM SA516 Grade 70 Condensate Receiving Tanks

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Forensic Investigation of a Forklift Accident

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Failure Analysis and Repair of a Contactor Vessel used Remove Hydrogen Sulfide

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