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Engineering Expert Witness Services
O’Donnell Consulting provides expert witness services, litigation support, and forensic engineering – investigating structural failures, construction matters, industrial accidents, fire/explosions and product liability issues. We have investigated accidents involving pressure vessels, structures, scaffolds and compound bows.

We determine how materials and products fail, including mechanical integrity of equipment that has deteriorated due to corrosion, fatigue, damage, exposure to fire, abuse, or improper manufacture. Our tools include knowledge of materials, metallurgy, fabrication practices and codes and standards. Since 1972, we have been performing engineering design, analysis, troubleshooting and providing expert witness testimony. We engage our audience with quantitative results, and effective visuals/ animations. These results:

  • Are based on accurate engineering models
  • Clarify the root cause
  • Enables judges and juries to easily understand the technical issues

Our experience includes supporting legal firms (on both Plaintiff and Defendant cases) as well as insurance companies – from simple to complex issues. We have provided testimony in State, Federal & International Courts.

This experience includes:

  • Recent plaintiff award over failed ductwork in an Allegheny County School (PA). Article
  • $7.8 M plaintiff award in Pittsburgh, PA. involving a stairway collapse.
  • Investigating the design/ construction issues on an industrial facility in an International Chamber of Commerce Binding Arbitration. Read here.
  • Served as experts into the cause of a major oil pipeline spill.
  • Investigated the failure of ductwork in an industrial facility.
  • We have been recognized in the American Lawyer Media Top 100 Verdict Awards of 2006 and 2007.

In a range of applications:

  • Industrial: Plants, facilities, pressure vessels, pipes, pumps, valves, welding equipment
  • Oil/ Gas: Pumps, pipelines, compressors
  • Transportation: Rail structures, automotive braking & steering systems, wheels
  • Marine: Control equipment, steering systems, moorings
  • Chemical: Reactors, structures, vessels, heat exchangers
  • Civil: Bridges, towers, parking structures
  • Structural: Production equipment, welded assemblies, machinery
  • Construction: Roofs, scaffolds, demolition and excavation equipment
  • Consumer: Appliances, sporting equipment
Coke Oven Battery
Coke Oven Battery Model
Coke Oven Battery Analysis Results

O'Donnell Consulting was asked to assist in ($200 M) construction litigation, investigating the structural integrity of a coke oven battery. Finite element analysis was used to calculate temperatures, deflections, strains, and stresses to evaluate the long term integrity of the roof and heating walls. The results showed that the battery oven walls would not deflect enough to induce instability. The construction imperfections had no meaningful effect on the structural integrity, robustness, or longevity of the battery.

Metallurgy/ Testing
We offer a full spectrum of metallurgical testing in conjunction with our engineering analysis tools to evaluate the root cause of component failure. Our testing includes:

  • Chemical and mechanical analyses
  • Metallographic examination
  • Material testing
  • Corrosion testing

Producing Results
The right expert can offer a powerful advantage during litigation - what sets us apart is our multi-disciplinary experience in engineering design, analysis and troubleshooting. 

We have an in-depth knowledge of design processes, materials, metallurgical and weld applications in the aerospace, oil/gas, mining, energy, and many other industries. When performing forensic analysis, we thoroughly investigate the issues - from taking data at the scene, to analyzing drawings, material specifications, and supporting documentation.

Our investigations range from simple engineering analysis, to more complex analysis involving Finite Element Analysis (FEA) which is used to evaluate design, materials and fabrication/ construction defects. These models produce accurate results (images or animations) which are used to help judges and juries understand the technical issues. (O'Donnell was one of the first engineering firms to use FEA in the Courtroom.)

We work internationally - including Canada, Mexico, South America, UK, Spain, and the Virgin Islands. See Portfolio to read about the engineering and legal issues we have worked on.

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