Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering We perform elevated temperature design and analysis as well as engineering in cryogenic conditions to determine structural integrity of aerospace components. We also perform structural dynamic analyses to predict loads and responses to environments including transient, random, and acoustic excitation. 

  • Vibration analysis of the Hubble Space Telescope
  • Structural life prediction of rocket thrust chambers
  • Creep tensile instability analyses
  • Design and analysis of cryogenic piping and engines for NASA
  • Design and analysis of LOX, LIN and LAR systems
  • Failure analysis of stabilizer trim motor bearings
  • Failure analysis of aircraft components
  • Structural analyses of framework subjected to missile loads
  • Plastic and creep ratcheting analyses

We perform structural optimization, minimizing component weight, resulting in low materials cost and maximum performance.

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We were asked to perform a dynamic analysis of the Hubble Space Telescope. We determined that vibrations were induced due to a fourth order function of the transverse ligaments in the base structure.

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Vibration Analysis Hubble Space Telescope