Weld Defects and Failures – Quantifying Fitness for Service Fatigue from chronological age and corrosion is a critical factor in the management of aging plants. Without proper remediation, fatigue can become a significant contributor to the loss of containment and other failures that precede major safety incidences. Bill, Sr. has written an article on managing risk  specific to weld failures. See it in the April ONG Marketplace.
There are increasing schemes in Europe to use marginally profitable gas-fired power plants to also generate heat for cities, and for good reason. Lausward Power Plant’s Fortuna Unit—POWER’s 2016 Plant of the Year—achieves about 85% efficiency when operated in cogeneration mode while serving Düsseldorf’s district heating. The European Union is making a concerted effort to develop new CHP plants, but there are challenges as green-energy advocates clamor for cleaner alternatives.  See the  Power Magazine Article.
Nanoengineering is the manipulation of materials and processes at the nanoscale—about 1-100 nanometers. With so many advances over the last decade, nanotechnology has become the new frontier of engineering, creating endless possibilities for manufacturing, microfluidics, robotics, biomedicine, energy, heat transfer and storage, nanomaterials, and computational modeling. Read more at ASME.
While 29 states and the District of Columbia currently have Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)—goals for power producers to provide a certain amount of power from renewable sources by a specific date—a growing number of states are also instituting standalone targets and mandates for energy storage procurement. See the Power Magazine Article.
Exports fell in January from prior month; imports unchanged Trump has said deficit shows U.S. being taken advantage of See the Bloomberg Article.

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