See the Popular Science article here.
Fatigue in welded steel components is often initiated by mechanical vibration, corrosion, and thermal cycling. Fitness-for-Service analysis is the most viable step in determining the safety and financial risk factors related to component repair or replacement. This Stainless Steel World article (written by Bill, O’Donnell, Sr.) shares insight about managing risk specific to weld failures. See the article here.
Manufacturing Day, begun in 2012, is an annual event that celebrates the industry’s crucial role in the U.S. economy, showcases the dramatic new technologies transforming manufacturing and informs young people about the attractive career opportunities in the field. Factories across the United States open their doors in October to educate their communities about modern manufacturing and improve public perception of the industry. IndustryWeek is devoting a special website to highlighting stories about the leaders and companies forging the future of the industry, advanced technologies such as 3D printing, digital twins and collaborative robotics, and efforts to attract a new generation[...]
The SAME 2017 SBC promises to be the best small business event ever! Get information on upcoming A/E/C Small Business procurement opportunities and meet teaming partners and mentors to help you succeed! See it here.
The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is jumping into accelerated bridge construction (ABC) with both feet, figuratively speaking, undertaking two replacement projects at opposite ends of the Keystone State. See the ENR article.
NASA’s new target window for the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope is between March and June 2019. The world’s most powerful space telescope was previously scheduled to launch in October 2018. Read the Space Daily article.
Despite spending more than $2 billion over the past 18 years, the Department of Energy’s advanced nuclear research and development program (NE) is a bust, according to an article in Environmental Research Letters and reported at Phys.Org, the website of the Institute of Physics. Read the Power Magazine Article.
From graphene to next generation composites to 3D printing, advanced materials and processes are helping sportswear manufacturers, sporting goods companies, and sports medicine practitioners take their game to the next level. See The ASM article.
Oktoberfest was founded to celebrate a self-important Bavarian king’s wedding in 1810, but endures today as a celebration of autumn—it’s fantastic beer drinking weather after all. Whether you’re packing your leather shorts and headed to Munich, or just squeezing in a few more backyard BBQs before the first snow, here are nine amazing beers to celebrate the season. See the Popular Mechanics Article.
We had a local artist paint murals that depict the various engineering and legal cases we have worked on. See one of them here.

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